Rauch, Inc. finalist for nonprofit of the year

One Southern Indiana will present its first annual Non-Profit of the Year Award this year, recognizing an organization’s outstanding work within the community. Rauch, Inc. was chosen as one of the three finalists. Alongside Goodwill of Southern Indiana and Hope Southern Indiana, Rauch will be recognized at the One Southern Indiana Annual Meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 18, where the winner will also be announced.

Our application gave us an opportunity to highlight the growth Rauch has seen in the last several years, including within the Industries:

Rauch Industries, specifically, has recently undergone a redesign during which an entirely new brand identity was created, the website was redone and a quarterly newsletter was produced. Both the website and the newsletter were developed to help expand the customer base of the Industries, in turn providing more jobs and a wider variety of jobs to clients who work in the Industries. This allows clients with developmental disabilities working at the program the opportunities for new experiences and new and varied skill development.”

"Rauch Industries met deadlines for 98% of their business contracts, and provided over 30,000 hours worked for individuals with disabilities."

Thank you to One Southern Indiana for this opportunity to share Rauch’s work in the community. For the newsletter announcing the finalists, please click here.