Employee Spotlight: Tony Euler

Tony Euler has always loved working with people with disabilities, whether at Muscatatuck State Hospital or here at Rauch Industries.

After working at the hospital, Tony moved to the area in 1978 and started at Rauch Industries on the floor that August. He’s been Director of Industrial Services for many years, although he said it’s been so long he can’t remember exactly when he took on that role.

“I oversee all manufacturing operations including sales purchases, production, production schedules,” he said. “I also oversee the work services department.”

Tony’s favorite part of the job is the fact that there are a variety of tasks involved.

“It’s not one-dimensional. It can be overwhelming at times, but it’s a pretty diverse job to do,” he said. “You don’t get bored.”

Tony had a hard time picking a favorite memory from his time here, but he said all of his favorites revolve around clients.

“The folks we’re serving deserve to be served in the best way possible and if we can do that—that’s why we’re here.”