Rauch Industries provides the highest quality of service to our customers. We are dedicated to providing an environment where our employees are empowered to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. We aim to create and build long-lasting relationships with customers by providing extensive training, monitoring, measurement and continual analysis of our performance to ensure that our commitment to quality meets our customers’ expectations.

Customer Testimonials

“We, Tasman’s Natural Pet, have worked with Rauch Industries for the last four years. During this time Rauch has helped us to create and grow our brand by providing affordable, timely packaging services. The staff and clients at Rauch Industries have been able to maintain steady costs and production flow allowing us to focus on growing our business. Rauch’s flexibility and dedication to service has allowed us to change and adapt to our ever-evolving market. Our relationship with Rauch Industries has without a doubt been a positive one.” – Ken Ludwick, Manager, Tasman’s Natural Pet


Employee Testimonials

“I’m passionate about growing business. Rauch Industries is exciting to me because I have this opportunity to grow a manufacturing business, which happens to employ people with disabilities. The quality of products and solutions we provide for our customers is second to none. On top of that, Rauch Industries has a strong influence on our local community by providing a better quality of life for our employees, our clients and their families.” – Eric Geswein, Business Development Specialist, Rauch Industries

“Rauch’s services enable customers to focus on core strengths while lowering operational and production costs. We provide scalable support for other manufacturers for an efficient and effective approach through the various stages of a product life cycle. It is gratifying to work in partnership with these companies and work with these companies and work with them in bringing a product to market, and the pride of being a key resource in this success.” – Bettye Dunham, CEO, Rauch, Inc.