Customer Spotlight: Silver Creek Leather

Rauch Industries is incredibly proud of our continued partnership with Silver Creek Leather Company. Located right here in New Albany, Silver Creek Leather manufactures a wide variety of leather lace for all types of leathercraft, jewelry, and manufactured products. Their Realeather brand kits range from simple wristbands and kid’s products to belts and billfolds. In addition, they also offer tools, specialty hardware, thread, needles, dyes, and other components that their customers need to complete a leathercraft program. Silver Creek sells its Realeather brand and private label products to national craft store chains such as Hobby Lobby, JoAnns Stores and Michaels for distribution to the retail craft market.

Leather scrap and remnants packaged by Rauch Industries for Realeather

Silver Creek Leather also offers bags of leather trim and remnants, which are proudly packaged by Rauch Industries. On a daily basis, Rauch's employees trim the leather to the proper weight, seal the leather in its point of sale bag, and ensure that each bag has the proper header and labeling. From 8 ounce bags to 2 pound bags, and from leather lace to premium remnants, Rauch Industries makes it a priority to ensure that Silver Creek Leather’s customers receive a quality product that looks good and is easy for them to display in their stores!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Silver Creek Leather for their many years of partnership with Rauch Industries. We are extremely grateful to be a partner that continues to watch their business grow! Please take a moment to visit their website